Monday, January 23, 2012

Holiday Update #1

  Well, it's been 5 months since I've done an update on Liam's development, and I completely skipped over any blogging about the holidays. We (hopefully) will find out the gender of this new little one in 9 days, so I'm hoping to get caught up before that so I can turn all my attention toward the future. And, since I'm sitting in a quiet house recovering from a stomach virus, what better time to do a little catching up? (Also, the fact that I already can't keep up with things I would normally do and this 2nd baby is still inside me does NOT make me feel hopeful about my future productivity). I'll take today to do a little holiday update, and then I'll write about what Liam is like as a 20 month old later on this week.

  This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, and got to join in the tradition they started last year of celebrating the holiday in Florida, at the beach. We may not have had a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I think walking in the white sand, drinking lemonade at the end of November, and eating piles of crab legs on Thanksgiving night distracted us from any possibility of missing turkey and cranberry sauce.

  Even though Liam's first trip to the beach was only 3 months before our Thanksgiving trip, I couldn't believe how much older he seemed. The fact that we forgot his bucket hat & had to buy him this silly, gray ball cap just made him seem that much bigger.

  We didn't really spend any time in the water - Destin weather was much nicer than the weather in NWA, but not really hot enough that you'd want to swim in the ocean in November. Liam was again a little uncertain about the sand at first, but he got used to it quickly.

Checking out aunt Abbie's beach reading

Taking a stroll down the beach with Nana & Uncle Zach

Watching the waves with Grandad

Reading break with Daddy at Sundog Books

My little Sunshine

Liam & I both got really excited about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade :)
  A new trick Liam started on this trip was "crying" like a baby. One night while we were out at a restaurant he heard a little baby crying at the table next to us and started mimicking it. For the next few weeks he thought it was hilarious to fake cry every time we told him to "cry like a baby" (we thought it was pretty funny, too).

  The timing of the trip was great for me, as it was one of the more nauseous weeks I experienced during my 1st trimester. While it probably would have been more fun had I not felt queasy much of the time, if you're going to feel sick it might as well be at the beach surrounded by family who make all your meals and entertain your toddler. Much to be thankful for!

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