Sunday, January 22, 2012


  I feel the need to do a quick update on how I did on the 12 goals I set out to accomplish before 2012. Spoiler alert: I did not complete them. Now you can skip reading this post if you were just wondering whether or not I completed them all. I honestly didn't think I'd really finish all of these things, and as it turns out I made the goal list on October 16th, which happens to be very close to the time I got pregnant with this baby. That definitely shifted my goals from completing a bunch of projects to making it through the first trimester by napping as much as I deemed necessary.

So, here's how I did ...
  1.  Read Bible daily - I did not, but I did read it with increased frequency.
  2. Finish baby quilt for secret friend - I did, and I'll post pics below!
  3. Sort remaining piles/bins in the house - I made progress, but they're not quite all organized yet.
  4. Make a winter wreath - Ha! Even though I bought materials for the cute Pinterest-inspired wreath I was going to make, I never did. My fall wreath is still on the door ... in  January. Whoops.
  5. Finish two books - Well, I still didn't finish Don't Make Me Count to Three, but I did finish At Home, by Bill Bryson; and a novel my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday.
  6. Register for NCMHCE exam - I did register for it, studied for it, and passed it last Saturday! It is a HUGE weight off my shoulders!
  7. Have at least one playdate a week - Nope. Too tired. 
  8. Finish Christmas stockings - Yes! Well, mostly. Our names still aren't on them, but they are usable and can always have names added later. Maybe I'll add the names when I'm making the newest Lawson's stocking for this year.There's a pic after the quilt pics.
  9. Wash windows - Completed!
  10. Make pallet seating/bed for study - We didn't do this, and sadly, we decided not to. I found some awesome pictures of the look I wanted, but the advent of baby #2 made us realize we really need the study to be functional as a guest room, so just purchasing a futon or sofa bed will be much more practical. Practicality can be such a bummer.
  11. Run 90 miles - Ha! This is the funniest to me. I'm pretty sure I barely ran 9 miles ... I completely blame the 1st trimester exhaustion. Oh well.
  12. Finish Liam's one year book - Nope. Someday.
 So, here's the evidence that I finished the quilt and the stockings. I made my second quilt for my friend Megan's little one on the way, Owen. He should show up at any moment and we can't wait to meet him!

  For the most part, this quilt came together much quicker and much more easily than my first one ... until I got to the binding. Apparently having made one quilt caused me to believe I was an expert, so I didn't pay close enough attention to my binding instructions. This mistake led to a LONG process of ripping out seams and trying to patch things up. I guess you learn something new every time. This time I learned to pay attention :)

I used this pattern from Sew4Home, which was really easy to follow along with. The blue polka dot and vehicle fabrics are both from Alexander Henry's Monkey's Bizness line and the dusty blue argyle fabric is by Sweetwater for Moda. I found the red and brown fabrics at Hobby Lobby and our local quilt shop - not sure what they are.

And here's my precious little helper, checking out the finished product and wondering why I haven't made him a cool blanket yet. Don't worry, little buddy. Your new big boy room will come outfitted with your own super cool quilt.

    And here are the stockings - the pic is really overexposed and blurry, but I love them (l to r: daddy, mommy & Liam)!

 I may not have finished all I wanted to in 2012, but I'm pleased with what I accomplished!

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