Monday, February 13, 2012

13 On 13

  Last year I did a project called 10 on 10 a couple of different times. Actually, once I did a 10 on 10, and the second time I missed the 10th so I did 11 on 11. Basically, on the 10th (or 11th) of the month, I took a picture every hour for 10 (or 11) consecutive hours. A fun little way to document what my everyday life is like. Today we had a lovely snow day and my office was closed, so I got to spend the day home with my buddy. I decided to do a 13 on 13 since it has been nearly a year since the last time I documented a whole day, and I had the time.

Dropping balls through the cool new toy I made out of an old tissue box & a Tootsie roll container. What toddler doesn't want one of those?

Practicing putting money in the piggy bank & watching Sesame Street while I clean up the kitchen from breakfast & dinner prep.

Due to an unfortunate chain of events (involving my make-up, a dog, & a toddler) I ended up with couch cushions doused in Bare Minerals bronzer.  

Lunch time: leftover pizza from his friend's birthday party yesterday & baby carrots (which are mostly good just for chewing up & spitting back on the highchair tray).

Cuddly pre-nap reading time on my bed. One of my favorite times of day.

Embroidering baby girl's alphabet sampler & Breakfast at Tiffany's while Liam naps.

Thank goodness for couch cushions with covers I can throw in the washing machine.

Play time in the snow with Daddy!

Whoops. I forgot to take a pic this hour, because we went to Target. The slushy snow reminded us that we need a doormat for outside our front door, so we went to get one. This isn't the one we bought, but sort of close.

Double whoops. I also forgot to take a pic during dinner, but here is a little tribute to the crockpot & rice cooker that made our dinner possible.

Wearing Liam out before bedtime. Tonight's activity involved running up and down the hall between Josh and I, screaming the whole time.
Nighty-night. Pre-bedtime activities were successful.

Mixing up a batch of those no-bake energy balls I keep seeing on Pinterest.

 So there you have it. The middle 13 hours of my snow day with a 21 month old. I know this is probably pretty boring to other people, and maybe even a little bit to me, but I think a few years from now it will be fun to remember what my days used to be like.

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