Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a Girl!

  Liam has an announcement to make ....

  Okay, so he may have been less than thrilled to participate in helping us share the great news, but I know he's really excited. Before his nap this afternoon I told him (for about the hundredth time today), "sissy is in mommy's tummy and you'll be her big bubby!" and he said, "yay!" That's the most enthusiastic response we've gotten to anything baby-related thus far, so things are looking up.

 We are SO thrilled to know that we get to have at least one kiddo of each gender! Today has been absolutely fantastic. The ultrasound was at 10 this morning, so Liam & I met up with Josh at the doctor's office after breakfast. Everything regarding the baby's anatomy seemed to look great and she was very active the whole time. When it came time to check gender our little girl was very obliging and the ultrasound tech had no doubt that Liam is having a little sister!

  After our appointment we met up with a sweet couple from our community group for lunch - they are due with their first 3 days before us, and their ultrasound was earlier this morning. I'll wait to post the picture we sent to our community group, just in case our friends haven't had a chance to share their news with everyone they want; but without posting their names I will say that we are both having girls! I was really hoping we would have the same gender, as these friends live just 3 streets over from us and it will be SO fun to have little ones who can be friends from birth!

  It's been a special day and now I'm even more anxious to meet our little lady!


kate said...

Yay yay yay!!! SOOOO happy you are having a little girl! You and your "friend" are going to LOVE having daughters and having each other so close! :) I'm just so excited for you and Josh (and Liam, too!) and hope we can hang out soon! Praise the Lord for a healthy baby girl!
Oh, and I read what you wrote about having a girl yesterday and how you want to raise her to Wes, and he loved your articulation of your thoughts (and ours, too).

Stefanie said...

Thanks, Kate! Here's hoping you guys move into our "friend's" neighborhood so all our girls can run around together! We would love it!

BrookeS said...

Yay for baby girl!!! How wonderful to have a son and a daughter! So happy for your family :) When is your due date?

Stefanie said...

Brooke, I'm due July 2! I can't wait to meet her!